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business finance for over 15 years.

If you are an established entrepreneur, apply today to obtain finance from US$ 100 000 to US$ 1 million* tailored to your individual requirements.

We operate from Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Rwanda and Uganda.

Kenya: KES 13 Million to KES 130 Million
Malawi: MWK 170 Million to MWK 1.7 Billion
Rwanda: RWF 130 Million to RWF 1.3 Billion
Uganda: UGX 380 Million to UGX 3.68 Billion
Namibia: NAD 1.8 Million to NAD 18 Million

Who We Are

We are one of the leading loan providers for viable SMEs in the world.

Since 2006, business owners have trusted us to unlock business value in over 637 business finance transactions. We’ve approved finance to the tune of US$ 151 million+ to established entrepreneurs.

We finance established entrepreneurs. Because we understand the challenges business owners face, we take more risk and finance more established entrepreneurs than most financiers. More importantly – we offer you a fair deal. Our core competencies include business finance, property finance, property management, and non-financial services (technical assistance and mentorship).

Our Impact

What We Do

1. Business Finance

We provide finance ranging from US$100 000 to US$ 1 million to established entrepreneurs with a viable formal business. We tailor our finance to meet your business’s unique needs and negotiate pricing and repayment terms with you. We assess your business for viability and engage with you to understand your business’s potential. We don’t just look at security as demonstrated by your financials.

What We Do

2. Property Finance

We’re the only financier who provides business owners with up to 100% in commercial property finance. Our property finance caters to established entrepreneurs with a viable business who want to refinance or purchase their own premises, as well as established entrepreneurs looking to add a property component to their investment portfolio.

What We Do

3. Property Joint Venture Fund

With 40 years of experience in acquiring and managing properties, we are proud of what we offer to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and Property Equity Partnerships (co-ownerships). Our portfolio boasts over 160 buildings across South Africa and is represented by the full spectrum of industrial, retail and commercial offerings specifically designed to benefit the SME.

What We Do

4. Mentorship and Technical Assistance

Our Technical Assistance harness the business expertise, skills and wisdom of senior business and professional people – often retired executives, making their services available to entrepreneurs in small and medium enterprises (SMEs), at a fee commensurate with the complexity of the entrepreneur’s business development needs.

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What Our Clients Say

Dr. Bernard Olayo

Victoria Comfort Inn – BPI Kenya
Industry: Hospitality and tourism, accommodation, dining and conference facilities

“BPI’s support for Victoria Comfort Inn has been invaluable. The loan structure provided us with favorable terms, including a grace period and flexibility in financing adjustments. Despite the project going slightly over budget, BPI accommodated our needs, enabling us to successfully complete it. The lower security requirements compared to traditional banks were a relief. During the construction phase, we only paid interest, easing the cash flow burden. The post-project premium payments commenced when our business started operating. The technical assistance from industry experts proved crucial, offering a deeper understanding of our business without incurring interest costs typically associated with external advisors. BPI’s support has truly added value to our company.”

Kanyi Feza

Precious Dishes – BPI Rwanda
Industry: Hospitality, Restaurant

“Business Partners didn’t just fund our dream; they provided the guidance and expertise we needed to navigate the complexities of business. With their support, we transformed from a home-based kitchen to an established restaurant. BPI not only gave us the funds but also the knowledge and confidence to build a successful and credible business. Today, our journey towards excellence continues, thanks to BPI’s unwavering support.”

Dr Kamaragi Magezi Innocent

Hamaar Medical Centre – BPI Uganda
Industry: Polythene plastics and new plastic utensils for domestic use.

“BPI addressed performance weaknesses and facilitated upgrades, introducing new services and equipment like x-rays. The upgraded theater and outstanding laboratory services have enhanced our operational efficiency. With BPI’s support, we’ve been able to offer affordable, full-scale 24-hour services, emphasizing our person-centered approach, serving a diverse cross-section of the community. BPI has filled resource gaps, providing essential support in laboratories, radiology, and overall ambience, promoting business growth.”

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