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Hands-on business owner takes family business to new level
As a trainee farmer Peter Frost learned that the best fertiliser is the farmer’s footprints in the field. It proved true not only in the first part of his career as a farm manager in South Africa, but also as a business owner rebuilding his family printing business in Lusaka, Zambia. Read more >
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Initial failure spurs major restaurant success
When David Emitu decided to open a restaurant in a brand-new shopping centre in the Ntinda district of Kampala, Uganda, he had no experience in the catering business, but he knew he had to make it work. Read more >
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Business owner keeps life-long dream alive with steely discipline
Sometimes the currents of the business world take business owners so far away from their original dream that they never get to pursue their passion, even though they grow financially successful. Read more >
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Expanding success through mentorship
Value-added services from financial institutions are not something Rwandan SMEs are accustomed to, and the benefit one young entrepreneur, Jean de Dieu Kagabo, gained from a Business Partners mentorship was a welcome surprise.Read more >
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Events management business on forefront of nation’s emergence
The fact that Kigali, the bustling capital of Rwanda is the home of a thriving events management company specialising in corporate functions is testimony to the remarkable emergence of the country as a growing economy from the devastation of genocide with Rwanda’s economy projected to grow in the range of 6 to 7 percent in 2018. Read more >
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