Business finance for commercial real estate in Rwanda

A significant aspect of the journey of many established businesses is financing. Most company owners must make extra efforts to attract outside investors.

One of those extra efforts is to check funding options for commercial real estate.

Accessing commercial real estate loans

The most popular way to obtain funding is through debt financing. This is when a business owner borrows money from a bank, promising to pay it back over a specified period with a predetermined interest rate.

Different types of financing in Rwanda come to deployment at each project financing stage. For instance, a business might a finance transaction sourcing with equity. Obtaining loans during the early stages of a commercial real estate project may be challenging due to the significant risk involved.

How to obtain a commercial real estate business loan in Rwanda

  • Determine how you’ll utilise the funds.
  • Decide on the loan amount to take.
  • Locate a reliable lender, learn their terms and conditions and understand their loan plans and repayment arrangements.
  • Prepare your loan application.
  • Close on the loan acquisition process.

A real estate company gets business finance in several ways in Rwanda. Many private lenders stay prepared to finance your company in addition to estate development loans.

Sources of development business finance in Rwanda

Commercial Banks:

The most significant direct sources of funding are commercial banks.

Commercial banks’ core real estate activity is short-term lending. It includes construction loans (6 months to 3 years term) and home improvement loans to a lesser extent. They do, however, occasionally finance long-term commercial purchases.

Most substantial commercial banks participate in real estate through their departments. Some of the biggest commercial banks directly engage in financing through their trust divisions, mortgage-banking businesses, and investment trusts.

Business Partners International Rwanda

Business Partners International (BPI) is one of the top providers of funding for successful SMEs in Africa.

Unlike traditional banking institutions, working with BPI is a unique experience. It is incredibly simple to interact with the organisation relationship managers at Business Partners International Rwanda, and obtaining loans is swift. The conditions set to acquire funding are quite accommodating.

There was a count of over 560 completed established business finance transactions since 2006 due to collaboration between business owners and Business Partners International. BPI has approved established company-owners financing, worth more than US$131 million.

The main goal of BPI is to fund any established business involved in commercial real estate for their official operations. It combines shareholder loans, equity, royalties, term loans, and other financing options.

Business Partners International (BPI) Rwanda creates distinctive, personalised business finance solutions. BPI takes pride in having created a variety of financial products. The packages offer the most flexibility possible to meet the unique demands of any commercial real estate business.

What commercial real estate business loans does Business Partners International Rwanda provide?

BPI Property Finance Loans

BPI Property Finance serves established business owners. Such owners may wish to refinance or buy their premises but may only have a small amount of capital or security available. They may want to protect the firm’s cash resources for the down payment. BPI offers an established company with successful formal business financing ranging from RWF 98 million to 980 million.

Commercial real estate loans can be used for property financing for owner-occupied enterprises.

Reasons why the Business Partners International Rwanda commercial real estate loans come in handy:

  • Most of the time, traditional financiers want a cash down payment before considering financing a real estate transaction. Deposits of up to 50% may be needed, depending on the financier’s willingness to take on risk. BPI comes in handy by allowing company owners access to business finance in Rwanda without these complicated requirements.
  • As per the conditions and terms of the agreement, BPI offers the business owner a variety of real estate financing choices. The company can structure the deal by advancing up to 110% of the required commercial real estate business finance in Rwanda.
  • Pricing and repayment arrangements of the business finance in Rwanda are negotiated with you by BPI.
  • The lender creates individualised commercial real estate business finance in Rwanda.
  • During the preliminary financing conversations, BPI negotiates with the business owners and comes to an agreement on the pricing of the business loan.
  • Three to five years are typically used as the repayment duration, which is manageable for an established company in Rwanda.

The criteria for Business Partners International financing

  • The underlying company must have a track record of success and be at least two years old.
  • The company should have a solid track record of financial stability.
  • The company must occupy at least 50% of the property to be purchased.
  • The company should be in good shape, the property in a good location, and offered at a fair market price.
  • The active company should meet business finance in Rwanda’s expectations regarding affordability.

Application for a loan with Business Partners International Rwanda:

  • .You can visit the website and apply online
  • You can complete the business finance application form provided.

There are some documents you would need to get ready. Some of these are as listed below:

  • A business plan for the borrowing company.
  • The underlying company’s annual financial statements.
  • Specifics regarding the proposed property.

Business Partners International business finance in Rwanda payment duration

  • The BPI loan can be repaid over five years.

Business Partners International Rwanda business loan limits:

BPI Rwanda offers real estate business finance loan limits ranging between RWF 98 to RWF 980 million.

Business owners in this country can easily access these loans. All they need to do is apply for the loans using the website forms available.

Are you in Rwanda and running an established real estate company?

Apply right now for business finance in Rwanda to get financing that is specifically suited to your company’s needs.

BPI comes in handy to facilitate the below commercial real estate businesses:

  • Power centres
  • Regional malls
  • Strip malls
  • Neighbourhood community centres

Contact BPI Rwanda today for your business needs.

Apply for funding through the website application portal and get that needed funding!

About the Author: Debbie D'Costa